Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Into the Frame

One of the areas of our house we have been working on is the hallway part of which has involved collating and putting together a framed photo wall. 

Wanting to inject a bit of child like fun into our walls we decided to make use of the countless plastic bugs we have lying about the house.

You will need a boxed frame
A selection of plastic bugs
A glue gun 
A sheet of heavy stock water colour paper.

Select your bugs and cut your paper to fit your frame.

Glue gun the back of the bugs and or butterflies and stick them onto the watercolour paper.  Because you won't be needing the glass I placed the paper in the frame first and secured it in place and then glued my bugs directly onto the paper.

Voila one child friendly framed butterfly collection.

I would like to take credit for this little DIY project and whilst I did select the bugs butterflies and put it all together it was in actual fact my husbands idea and what a great idea it has turned out to be.

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