Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Getting Organised:- DIY magnetic meal planning.

Becoming more organised is a topic that is never far from my mind.  It's that thing I know I need to do but for some unknown reason I just can not seem to manage.  I sometimes think I expect too much too soon and set myself unobtainable goals ultimately setting myself up for failure.

One of the key areas I know I need to work on is putting together and maintaining a weekly meal plan.  On the occasions I do get my act together I have found that

  1. We save money on our weekly food bill
  2. We cut the amount of food we waste
  3. I don't end up scratching around at the last minute racking my brains on what we are going to eat.
  4. It's easier to maintain a more balanced diet
  5. We have a more enjoyable week with fun after school activities without me being stressed out about dinner.
However I have found it can be time consuming and often I will end up with a mental block. Hence I put it off until we hit Monday morning when the whole saga of the school week starts over.  Ultimately we end up with a handful of meals which are my regular go to's.

So I created a series of our regular meals and made them into magnets which are now stuck to the front of the fridge, combined with a weekly planner I can now quickly meal plan for the week and on those days where things change or don't go to plan I have a bank of meals I can quickly choose from.

You can download my regular meal set here.

To make your own you will need.

  • Printer
  • 1 sheet of magnetic paper
  • You can either create your own meals in something like word or publisher or you can download my meal sheet here
  • Spray Lacquer
  • Scissors
  • Weekly Planner.

  • Download and print off the meal sheet onto the magnetic paper being careful not to handle it too much to prevent smudges
  • I found that the ink didn't dry properly so once it was touch dry I gave it a quick coat of spray lacquer to set the designs firmly in place.
  • Cut them out and voila a set of magnetic meals for easy meal planning.
I hope you find these as helpful as I do.