Monday, 20 April 2015

Dreaming of Summer & Ice Cream.

The recent mini heatwave has got me dreaming of summer and all that it means.  Sunshine and sand, sandals, painted toes, shorts, trips to the beach and ice creams without feeling guilty.  Having basked in the sun for 24hours the birkenstocks have been replaced with the converse and the shorts are back in the cupboard.  Not I wanting to let go of that short lived summer feeling I thought I would put together an ice cream inspired post.  

I brought these leggings for Amelie and they look great.

These cute bags would make great birthday gifts for little girls.

I am a huge fan of Mr Printables.  How amazing are these printable Ice Creams and Lollies.  If you were planning an Ice Cream themed party these would make perfect party bags.

Little trinkets to keep you thinking of summer

On my Ice Cream inspired quest I came across lots of equally exciting DIY makes and products.  You can see all of these links on my cool food pinterest board.  

Previously if you have missed my last cool food inspired blog post you can check out my Watermelons Everywhere Post.

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