Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dreams - The secret ingredient.

Ages ago I wrote a list of a 100 things I wanted to do.  Then I had Harriet and I totally forgot about my list, that is until a few weeks back when I came across it again.  When I re-read it I was surprised at how many things on my list I had actually completed.  My list got me thinking.  Sometimes life can just take over, especially when you have little ones.  But I think it is good to dream and have aspirations of where you want to go.  Writing it down can give you a real sense of direction it doesn't matter how wild those dreams are they are your dreams and dreams are what takes you places.  Over the last couple of weeks since finding and re-reading my original list I have been putting together a new list of a 100 things I would like to do (quite obviously as I write this I realise there are a few items on my list I may never achieve but I have decided to leave them on the list because they mean something to me and are important to me).

  1. Make Harriet a quilt for her big bed
  2. Go back to Australia
  3. Visit Rome
  4. Go on a girls only weekend away
  5. Go back to New York
  6. Monetize my blog
  7. Knit myself a jumper
  8. Move to a bigger house
  9. Go back to Atituki
  10. Reach my target weight of 9.5 stone
  11. Rennovate our house
  12. Make a bag to hold my knitting needles
  13. Make Harriet a smocked dress
  14. Make some bunting for Harriets bedroom
  15. Make some bunting for the girls playhouse
  16. Take the girls on a plane by myself
  17. Go camping with the girls
  18. Get an award for my blog
  19. Create a quaterly magazine
  20. Run 10K
  21. Visit my cousin in France
  22. Upgrade my mobile phone
  23. Visit Santorini
  24. Create a monthly newsletter for my blog
  25. Send happy mail to someone
  26. Create a vegetable garden
  27. Go to bed at 10pm every night for 2 weeks
  28. Get up at 5am every day for 2 weeks
  29. Visit my Uncle and cousins in the Cayman Islands
  30. Actually read a book club book
  31. Do a house tour on my blog
  32. Re-decorate our kitchen
  33. Finish the girls under stairs playhouse
  34. Make a granny square crochet blanket

  35. Run the London Marathon
  36. Make a photo wall
  37. Enrol Harriet at pre-school
  38. Knit the girls matching jumpers
  39. Make some Christmas presents
  40. Go to a boot fair

  41. Make a morse code bracelet

  42. Make Amelie an outfit 
  43. Make Harriet an outfit
  44. Rennovate our bedroom
  45. Make some crochet edged pillows
  46. Make my friend Kate a present

  47. Make a crochet bath mat
  48. Make a vintage inspired head scarf

  49. Take my Mum to the Ritz for afternoon tea
  50. Wear a bikini on holiday
  51. Take the girls to Lapland
  52. Attend a yoga retreat
  53. Visit the Ice Roads in Northern America and Canada
  54. Rennovate our lounge and get a wood burner
  55. Improve blog SEO
  56. Go on a photography course
  57. Buy a decent camera and learn how to use it
  58. Walk 10,000 steps everyday for 2 weeks
  59. Live in Australia
  60. Build my own house
  61. Visit Barcelona
  62. Create an inspiring work area
  63. Wallpaper a room or at least a wall.
  64. See the Northern Lights
  65. Take the girls to Disney
  66. Take the girls skiing
  67. Dye my hair blonde
  68. Throw an amazing party
  69. Write a CV
  70. Visit Purl Soho (this is my all time favourite shop - I am a little obsessed with it but living on the other side of the pond it's not somewhere I can visit easily).
  71. Make the girls drawstring bags for their laundry
  72. Take Harriet to the cinema
  73. Take the girls to London overnight
  74. Cook something new once a week for a month
  75. Exercise 3 times a week for a month
  76. Take the girls for afternoon tea on the beach
  77. Make a Christmas Pudding
  78. Attend a blogging conference
  79. Attend an international blogging event
  80. Get a sponsor for my blog
  81. Build the girls an outdoor playhouse
  82. Fill in the gaps and reach 100
  83. Work in collaboration with another designer / blogger
  84. Buy a crazy vintage dress
  85. Throw a theme inspired birthday party for Amelie
  86. Get some portrait photos taken

As you can tell by the missing gaps this list is a work in progress - so over the course of time I will add to it. The gaps are where I had listed something then decided that perhaps it wasn't something I really wanted to do.  Believe in yourself and anything is possible.  My original list had a completion date of July 2016 - so with this in mind I'm going to continue working towards that date.

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