Sunday, 8 March 2015

Organised Love #2: How Organisation Can Keep You from Organisation.

As I sit here writing my Organised Love post I realise that my desk is a complete state.  This week I did organise and tidy one of my kitchen draws but I my heart wasn't on the task.  I got totally side tracked and a task that should have taken me half an hour took far longer.  Don't get me wrong the tidy kitchen draw is making my time in the kitchen far less stressful as I can now find things a bit better but if I am really honest with myself I found the whole experience (whilst useful) just dull.  I kept finding myself searching the internet for "organisation" tips and ideas.  I slowly started to realise that this organisation planning was preventing me from actually completing my task of tidying my kitchen draw.  It was then that I noticed I kept coming across websites and blogs with beautiful awe inspiring work spaces.  These spaces were all neat & tidy, organised and thought provoking.

Here are a few of my favourite office spaces I came across:

I love the use of the pin board utilizing the space whilst creating an inspirational mood board. - Fabric Paper Glue.  I have a feeling that pin board could be the next "in" thing.  I keep seeing it popping up everywhere.  

Here I am enjoying the use of the simple monochrome colour pallet and the artistic way in which the drawings have simply been masking taped to the wall. Upcycled Treasures.

I love the inspirational quotes. Upcycled Treasures 

Throughout the day I spend a fair bit of time at my desk.  Sometimes it can be literally covered in a multitude of projects.  I discovered over time that I need a certain amount of chaos, somehow I thrive in chaos.  This last picture is how my desk currently looks.  Whilst this chaos can be good I think I need to start working on and planning a slightly more creative space in which to develop some of my creative ideas.

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