Monday, 6 April 2015

Hop little Bunny Hop

I thought I would have a quick catch up on our busy family weekend.  Apart from the copious amounts of sweets and chocolate we seem to have received, this weekend has whizzed by.

  • Good Friday having popped into town we had a lovely family lunch at Granny and Grampy's.  (I am not at all jealous of Mikes brother and family who are now sitting in the sunnier climes of Goa.)
  • We went on a very muddy Easter Egg hunt around our village with my sister and her boys.  Organised by the little pre-school which has an intake of 30 per day about 400+ children turned up - each year it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
  • We went scooting on Easter Sunday along the seafront before heading to my Mums for a family dinner.  I am seriously jealous of my brother who is heading off today for a three week trip to the Cayman Islands to see our cousins. 
  • My mum gave the kids these fantastic glasses which made them all look really cute.  They had yet more chocolate and my Mum put together a little egg hunt around the garden.
  • Michael had his first sail of the season albeit a bit chilly.
  • The kids love cheering him on with a spot of stone throwing and treasure hunting.  Amelie is so cute when she is watching her Daddy sailing - she always thinks he is winning.  Harriet must have asked me a thousand times where Daddy?  
  • Any trip to the beach results in me returning pockets laden with stones.
  • Today we are having a quiet catch up.  I really need to sort the house out and Mike wants to sort his fence out.
I have seen so many amazing Easter photos over on Instagram.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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