Thursday, 30 April 2015

Things I have learnt this week.

We are all in wedding mode ready for my sisters wedding on Saturday.  The girls are bridesmaids and Amelie especially is very excited.  My Mum is in a state of pre-wedding panic, combined with my Father-in-law's birthday I always knew that this week would be a bit manic.  However here are a few things I have learnt this week.
  • Never try and plan too far in advance - especially when there are children and husbands involved.  A long overdue coffee with friends had to be cancelled due to sick children.  A manicure and pedicure I booked months ago ready for the wedding had to be cancelled as it's my Father-in-laws birthday and Mike failed to correct me on the dates.  Instead I am now catering for 6!  Never fear I checked the wine supplies and made sure I brought extra!
  • A while back we convinced ourselves we could become a one car family.  But living out in the sticks on the coast where public infrastructure is very sporadic and you need a car to go anywhere we have come to realise that we do indeed need two cars.  I have learnt this week that I don't care whether my husband buys an Audi, a BMW, a Mercedes, a VW Golf, a Passat, a VW Touran, a Skoda Ocktavia or anything else come to think of it (apart from a Mini Convertible for me) as long as he buys something and stops driving me crazy about the whole thing.  (All this talk of cars has made me hit my wine supply most evenings this week!)
  • This week I also taught myself a new hobby.  I am currently coveting a crochet bag.  I keep seeing them everywhere. After a bit of an internet search I came across a cute tapestry purse pattern over on My Poppet.  After a few mistakes with my counting I finally made myself a little tapestry crochet Coin Purse.  I think I am a way off making a bag but I am pleased with my first attempt. 

Some weeks things don't go to plan and as frustrating as it is it is priceless watching my girls squealing in delight whilst playing hide and seek.  

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