Monday, 23 March 2015

A fab recap to start the week.

Have you ever felt like stuff is getting on top of you?  You are crazily busy, the house is a tip, the washing needs doing etc etc.  Sometimes is all too easy to become all consumed with everything that needs to be done that you miss what is right in front of you.  I thought I would start the week recapping on some of the great things that have happened over the last week.

I had a glorious spa afternoon and over night stay with Michael at Wallets Court courtesy of Auntie Mims.  It was so peaceful, set in amazing countryside with great company and fantastic food.  I came away feeling like I had been away for a week.  

I spent a morning down at my parents laughing at how crazy my girls are.  They both love these toy binoculars and top hat.

I finally completed my gallery wall.  Something I have been thinking about doing for literally years.  Every time I walk past I am filled with happy memories. 

I had a lovely if slightly chilly day at the zoo with the girls.  Amelie is hilarious.  It doesn't matter how cold it is - a trip to the zoo has to include a picnic.

We picked the first rhubarb of the season and made a delicious rhubarb crumble.

I think it is really good to sometimes look back on the things you have done and accomplished and remind yourself that life is good.

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