Monday, 23 March 2015

What would I do without a good cuppa?

I love nothing more than a good cup of tea.  In fact some days all I drink is tea.  Before I can even function in the morning I need at least two cups of tea.  I actually think I am a bit of a tea addict.  The first thing I do when I walk into work is put the kettle on for a cuppa.  It has become a bit of a joke and I was awarded a medal for the amount of tea I consume.  Not only do I love a good cuppa I am very picky about the mug it is served in.  If my (long suffering) husband makes me a cup of tea (despite being told countless times) in the wrong cup I will pour it into a different mug.  I almost feel like I can not concentrate properly at my desk unless I have a cup of tea to hand.  At the start of the year when I was on my "New Years Resolution" get fit eat more healthy routine I started tracking using myfitness pal how many cups of tea I was consuming a day. I was shocked to discover that on some days it was 10 + cups.  Now that is a lot of tea!!!!

A while back I managed to smash the lid of ceramic tea pot on our tiled floor and I have been on the hunt for a new tea pot ever since.

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