Sunday, 22 March 2015

Organised Love # 4

Working three days a week, being a full time mum to our two beautiful girls and trying to maintain my blog means that most days I am trying to beat the clock.  Some days I manage to get on top of things and end the day with a huge sense of satisfaction and other days it all goes to pot and it just doesn't happen.  I have over the years done a lot of sole searching, always promising that tomorrow I will get up early and get it sorted but you know how it is with little people in tow - nothing rarely follows the original plan of action.

I really struggle to focus my mind on any one project at a time.  Sometimes I think an endless "to do list" can be a hindrance rather than a help.  I end up making tea, flitting from one task to another procrastinating and never actually completing any one job.  It is a terrible habit that I would really like to kick.

So when I came across this amazing downloadable Life Hacks Printable / 01download on Design Love Fest it really hit a cord with me.  By focusing on just 3 things at a time it prevents the where do I start feeling with the endless to do list.  I like the "scheduled time" for emails.  I don't know about you but emails, social media and general internet surfing are one of my major daily time wasters.

I have printed of a stash of these fab sheets.  I am going to try and use them to help me stay on track with the tasks I need to do in order to free up my spare time to spend with my girls.

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