Wednesday, 18 March 2015

It's a picture thing.

I have been wanting to put a gallery wall together for years.  I think done properly they can look amazing, done badly and they can look a total mess.  I am not sure why but the thought of putting one together really scared me , so until now I backed away from putting one together.

With our hallway re-decoration in full swing I decided now was as good a time as any to embrace the whole gallery wall thing.  

I started off by creating a mood board of ideas over on pinterest.

I found lots of useful tips on layouts and how to plan your wall.  I then set about collecting up all the old frames we had knocking about the house.  I wanted to achieve a uniformed look and not spend a fortune, so I painted all the frames the same colour.  I used Annie Sloan Old White.

Then came the tricky bit which I put off for as long as possible.  To start with I traced around the frames onto some large sheets of paper which I then cut out and attached where I roughly wanted them on the wall.  I then left the frames knocking about for an age in the hope that Michael would hang them for me.  Eventually I decided I could do it myself.  Having knocked the first nail in I wondered why I hadn't done it before now.

Once the frames were hung where I wanted them I set about choosing the photos for the wall.  I had so much fun doing this bit.  I didn't want a whole wall purely of the girls so fiinally after about 10 years I got round to having some of our gap year photos printed up.  It was so nostalgic looking back through old photos and reminiscing of the time we spent together prior to being married and having children.  I loved telling Amelie about some of the places we visited.  I had the photos printed with Photobox for no other reason than I have previously set up an account with them and I am constantly receiving emails from them. I was pretty impressed at how quick and easy it all was.

Into the mix I added our plastic butterfly collections which I just LOVE.  

I am really pleased with the end result.  Each photo has such happy memories and make me smile each time I walk past them.  I am missing two photos as I got the wrong sizes printed up.  What do you think of my wall?

You can see my Hallway mood board over on Pinterest.

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