Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It's a Shoe Thing

With the clocks going forwards this weekend, the evenings getting lighter and the sun starting to rise in the sky I find myself thinking about what the summer might bring.  The girls playing in the garden, the paddling pool out, trips to the beach, camping trips and family BBQ's, I can see it all now and I can't wait.  All this dreaming has made me think about summer wear. Despite loving my dubarry boots I am looking forward popping them back in their box and airing my well manicured toes.  I love being able to just slip on a pair of sandals to do the school run.  Last year I literally lived in my Birkenstocks and salt-water sandals and as we progressed into Autumn I held out as long as possible by wearing them with socks.

This year I am pleased to see the fashion for utilitarian shoes continue so not only can I break out last years sandals but I can justify a new pair too.  Here is my top sandal picks for this summer.

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