Sunday, 15 March 2015

Organised Love #3 - Day to Day organisation

This week I officially joined the auntie mims team.  I have been helping out for a while but it works for both of us if it becomes more of a regular thing.  With small children it is great that I am able (with the help of my parents and my in-laws) to work pretty much around the girls and their school hours.  However this means that I am going to have to get super organised so that I know exactly what is going on each day.  The auntie mims HQ has pretty poor mobile reception so it means that unless it is a complete emergency contacting me is not very easy.

Here are some of my top tips for organising the day to day running of our house and keeping me sane.  

I just love a weekly planner run in conjunction with my diary.  (Before kids I hated diaries and could never maintain them, now this is an essential item in my bag.)  Every Sunday I try to find time to sit down and fill in the weekly planner basically I transfer everything from my diary onto the weekly sheet.  I like the pads with the sheets that tear off.  Once I have written in everyone's movements for the week I then attach it to the fridge with extra strong magnets.  I also try and add in what we are going to eat each night, this makes it easier as I can quickly glance at each day ahead.  It makes it so much easier when notes come home from school as I can just quickly add it to the corresponding day and Michael can check for himself whats going on.

I love my 18 month pink moleskin turntable diary.  I find it so easy to use and with hospital appointments for Harriet booked months in advance I love the flexibility of it being 18 months instead of the usual 12 months.   I have tried countless digital diaries but I just can not work with them.  I am pencil and paper girl.  Having said that I have started planning my blog posts using Google Calendar as it allows me to colour code things and move bits about.

I have also found the whole bullet journal useful to my day as it makes me focus on certain tasks.  I try to plan my days the night before as it tends to make me more focused when I get up.  Whilst I like the bullet journal I think for me it needs to work in conjunction with my diary.

Wow having read this I am feeling pretty organised.  What do you do to help you stay on track.

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