Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Red Lipsticks

About a year ago after a trip to the Bobbi Brown counter I discovered that I really enjoy wearing red lipstick.  I had tried lipsticks in the past but had always gone for pale colours or really dark colours neither of which really suited me.  They always cost me a fortune and left me feeling really self conscious and guilty everytime I looked in my makeup bag.  Wearing red makes me feel empowered and confident and more importantly I just love wearing it.  Over the last year I have become a little obsessed with the ongoing search for the perfect red lipstick and more recently I have started to move towards the burnt orange.  I think its a bit like nail colour, when you find a colour that you like there is just no going back.  
Here is some of my growing collection.

Left to right
Bobbi Brown Limited Edition (This was a Christmas present and is no longer available to buy)

Unfortunately whilst I like wearing red lipstick it also appears that my cheeky little monkey also likes wearing it.  In the big scheme of things I think this is all rather amusing, however I wish she had chosen one of the cheaper lipsticks or one I didn't like.  Once is bad enough but seriously in the space of 24 hours I caught her with my lipsticks and make up at least three times.  She has started very quietly carrying her little chair into my bedroom and climbing onto my dressing table.  I thought she was being a little quiet.     

Look at that cheeky face:  She had a lovely time!

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