Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Finally I have finished my Crochet Blanket.

Last night I finally found time to sit down and sew the last of the loose ends into my granny squared crochet blanket.  This labour of love has taken me about a year to complete.  It was such a good way of using up my some of my wool oddments.  I usually prefer to knit with the Sublime but I am surprised at how heavy it is.  I am so pleased with the end result and feel I can now move onto another project without having the guilt of it laying there incomplete.

Whilst sorting my bag of wool out earlier I found this shawl I started knitting for myself over the winter.  I loved knitting with this wool and I remember being pleased with the loftiness of my knitting.  I downloaded the pattern from the internet but I struggled as my knitting grew the needles just aren't long enough and I struggled to see what I was doing and kept making mistakes.  I must pick up another set of circular needles as I really want to finish this project.

I have literally just started this new cardigan for Amelie.  I love working in 4ply, the end result is always so satisfying with neat little stitches but it can also be a bit slow going.  This pattern is from birth to 7 years - it doesn't look too big so I am hoping it won't take me too long to complete.

I am so tempted to start yet another project but just know I need to finish what I have started first and I really want a new handbag this month instead!  I really like the look of this Cosmic Sweater Pattern by Wool and the gang.

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