Thursday, 16 April 2015

Everything sparkles in Metallic Silver

I am pleased to see that there are plenty of metallics in the shops this season.  I am a huge fan of all things silver.
A few of my favourite metallic treasures.

Clockwise from the top
A vintage silver handbag I inherited from my Grandmother when I was about 18
My go to chunky silver necklace
A tiny pot of fairy glitter
Silver sparkle Essie Nail Varnish
My all time favourite silver converse boots
A Mavala Silver nail varnish
My Omega watch I brought with some inheritence money from my Grandma
L'Octaine Hand Cream
Bobbi Brown Face Powder
Some amazing coins I collected when we were in the Cook Islands - I Love the Triangular coin
My Tiffiany ring Michael brought me for my 30th Birthday.

I am a complete caffeine addict.  I can not live without my coffee.  These are just amazing not only do they look good in the kitchen but they make pretty good coffee too.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks colour installment.  If you missed out on last weeks Yellow Crushing or any of the previous weeks you can catch up here.  Next week I am thinking of the colours black and white.  You can keep up to date with my colour finds over on pinterest.

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