Friday, 24 April 2015

Interior Love Affair #9

Earlier this week I was cleaning the lounge when I stopped and took a good look at our scatter cushions.  I have never been a fan of cushions.  I think that my dislike for them dates back to my childhood.  My Mum had hundreds of cushions covering the entirety of the sofa in patterns which matched the inherited royal blue velvet floor length curtains. The look my Mum was trying to create would have worked if we lived in a mansion with high ceilings and plenty of space instead it made the room feel small and cramped.  Now that I have my own home I think it's time I invested some money and effort into getting some decent soft furnishings.  I have come to realise that it is okay to mix it up a bit and that the minimalist look works when you don't live with small children.

Top:  I love this image of bright colours.  Bright Bazaar The Guardian.  I have since brought the book which I would highly recommend.


I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Interior Love Affair.  Last week I was on the quest for bedside tables.  If you missed out on any previous episodes then you can catch up here.  

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