Sunday, 26 April 2015

To Tile or Not to Tile?

I have been thinking of tiling one of the walls in the kitchen.  Nothing major just a couple of courses high in a light colour.  Since moving in a year ago we haven't done anything to the kitchen.  Currently it is just painted. Re-painting it is on my list of jobs to do this summer when I can air it properly with the doors and windows open.  Until then there is nothing wrong with what we have other than I find it difficult to keep clean around the sink and the cooker area.  I also like the idea of having a tiled splash back to break the wall up a bit.

Our Kitchen as it is now.  

My idea to tile the kitchen came about after I stopped in town for coffee.  The coffee shop I happened to be in had a whole wall tiled like this.  I thought it looked amazing, floor to ceiling all along one wall.  I left resolute that I was going home to tile my wall!

I really like this tiled effect I found in fired earth.  They come in a cream colour called Fair Isle (although I am undecided if they may be a bit too high gloss.)

Providing the tiles weren't too high gloss I think they could work well in the kitchen especially with our big enamel sign on the end wall.

But here is my dilema.  I happened to mention the idea of tiling the wall to my friend who's opinion I value a lot.  She is very design savvy and has a good eye for interior design, her response was "tiles are old fashioned and the "in" thing is to have flush painted walls" like we currently have. Now I am all in a quandary as to whether I should tile the wall or not.  What do we think?

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