Monday, 13 April 2015

Our Week.

I love it when Amelie is at home with us during the school holidays.  Gone is the manic morning rush of school uniforms, packed lunches, snack boxes and reading, replaced with bouncing on the trampoline, day trips out, running along the seafront and playmobil campsites (although I am getting a bit fed up of tripping over the playmobil).

Now we are over the end of term exhaustion there seems to be less fighting and general co-operation.  Amelie has developed her own little dress sense which despite being a bit crazy I absolutely love it.  I appear to have lost my running headband.

The other afternoon Harriet was having an afternoon nap and I stood in the kitchen watching Amelie chatting away to one of her little imaginary friends on her plastic iphone.  It was so cute to watch and a little heart wrenching.   She is growing up so fast.  I want the clock to stop, to keep these memories forever.  Bless her in the last month she has grown an inch!  Suddenly none of her clothes fit her and we have had to go shopping.

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