Monday, 4 May 2015

A beautiful spring wedding.

On Saturday the girls were flower girls at my sisters wedding.  Amelie had been bursting with excitement for weeks.  To add to her excitement it just so happened that it was her turn to take the class owl home for the weekend so the owl joined us at the wedding.  I had a mild panic several times during the day that we had left the owl at various places.  I had visions of either having to re-trace all of our steps or having to go shopping for an owl replacement!

A while back I asked the school for permission to take her out of school on the Friday which was duly granted so with the owl and my Mum we headed off to my sisters.

One of the main reasons for going up on the Friday was so that Amelie could have her hair done on the Saturday morning with my mum and my sister.  Standing there watching the hairdressers do her hair made me suddenly realise that she is no longer a little girl.

They did a beautiful job with her hair.  She was so pleased with the little plait and butterflies.

My sisters hair looked pretty good too.

They looked beautiful in their little dresses.

My sister looked stunning in her dress.  Here she is with our Dad and the girls

This cheeky monkey was a bit of a horror in the church and trying to keep her still was near on impossible.

Amelie and her little cousin.

After the ceremony we went for some photos in a local park area.  The children had a lovely time running and dancing about.

What did you get up to on the bank holiday weekend?  The weather was good to us and we had a glorious weekend.  I hope you all had fun.

You can get the girls dresses here, the little cardigans here & shoes here.  

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