Sunday, 3 May 2015

Interior Love Affair #10

Last week things didn't really go to plan and I ended up falling a bit behind.  I had originally planned to post this last Friday for my regular Interior Love Affair Slot so apologies for the belated post.

Recently we have noticed just how much Harriet has suddenly grown.  The other night just before we went to bed we did the usual check of the girls.  (I love just standing there for a moment soaking up my beautiful girls sleeping .  On those days when things have been tough these few minutes undo everything that has happened during the day)  Mike pointed out that Harriet was getting too big for her cot, I couldn't believe just how big my baby had suddenly got.  So this week we have started to think about getting Harriet a new bed.  I am slightly concerned about the fact that as such a poor sleeper she will constantly be climbing out of bed.  There is something re-assuring about her being in a cot.

Harriet's bedroom is a slightly weird shape.  As her room goes over the staircase it has a sloped bulkhead which takes up a fair bit of space.  Our plan of action is to replace Amelie's bed with a new one and then adapt the old bed to fit the space in Harriet's room.  So for this weeks Interior Love Affair it is all about children's beds.  Here are a few of my favourite finds.

Top (left to right)

I think that this has to be my favourite.  This amazing bed is an IKEA Hack, you can get the instructions over on moms&mojitos

I hope you have enjoyed my belated Interior Love Affair post.  Things will hopefully return to normality this week so we should be back with another Interior installment on Friday.  If you missed any of my previous Interior Love Affair posts you can catch up with them here.  

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