Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Add a Bit of Tutti Fruity to your Kitchen with these easy DIY Watermelon T-towels

I keep seeing Watermelons everywhere at the moment.  Not only do they taste great and remind me of my travels across outback Australia they are also bright and colourful.
With this in mind I thought I would show you how you can add a tutti fruity feeling to your kitchen with these easy to make Watermelon T-towels

You will need 

A plain white T-towel
Pair of scissors.

Seriously they are so easy to make.

Firstly you need to print the watermelon designs onto your transfer paper. 
You need to cut out all of the watermelon shapes and put them into a neat pile ready to iron onto your t-towel. 
Once you have cut them all out you need to carefully iron each of the watermelons onto your t-towel in a random form.  (Follow the instructions on the packet of t-shirt transfer paper.)  I sandwiched the watermelon between the T-towel and a sheet of heatproof paper to protect the t-towel.

And there you have it a completed tutti fruity watermelon t-towel to brighten your kitchen.


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