Friday, 22 May 2015

Denim Blue

Spending the majority of my time at home with the kids or working at Auntie Mims in their workshop means that I literally live in my jeans and I LOVE it.  Even when I go out these days (which is not very often) I will still wear jeans but dress them up with a fancy pair of shoes and a jacket.  Recently I have fallen for the double denim look, something I previously thought was a definite no no.  I know I did a post on blue previously but seriously there is so much Denim loving going on at the moment that I thought I would share some of my Denim love with you.

I have been eyeing up this coat for a while now.
I love a sloppy oversized handbag.

If you missed last weeks colour installment you can catch up with it here.  Or you can follow me on pinterest for regular updates.

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