Saturday, 30 May 2015

Pink lusting

Recently I have been dreaming of far flung places.  In my search of a family summer holiday I came across the most amazing pink beaches of  Pink Sand Beach Harbour Isla Bahamas.

It looks absolutely stunning and got me thinking about the colour pink.  Here are a few of my favorite pink finds and what better way to start than with donuts and pink fizz.

What I would do for one of these amazing pink iced doughnuts right now!
and what better way to enjoy a pink doughnut than with a glass of pink fizz.  
or if it's a bit early on in the day how about a glass of pink lemonade or a cup of coffee.

I can no longer buy crisps in our house because I am addicted to them and will literally consume a whole family sized bag all by myself - but I do love a bag of prawn cocktail flavoured crisps.  

Continuing with a sweet tooth theme this Pink Lemonade Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic looks amazing.
Something I always loved as a child was carnival week when the fair arrived in town and we were allowed candy floss on a stick.  All that pink fluffy sugar!!!! 

Prior to having our girls we possessed very little pink and despite avoiding the gender stereotypes I feel our house is full to brimming in pink.  Over the last six years the colour pink has slowly grown on me.  You can check out last weeks colour installment which was all about the Denim Blue.  Or follow me on Pinterest.

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